Host Guest Post

This isn’t really much of a guest post.

What actually happened is that Elliot messaged me while he was off  filming a commercial in Ghost World Rome and said, “please won’t you post an update about where I’ve been?? I feel bad. I don’t think I’ve missed a month of posting before.”

Turns out he has–November 2016.  But I’ll go ahead and post an update anyway, because I’m nice like that.

Nice enough to let Elliot (and Marc) run off to the Mediterranean, where Elliot has been wearing designer suits, eating at fancy restaurants, and kissing male models, while getting PAID to do that, and Marc has been accepting gifts from townsfolk as though he’s some sort of demi-god (he’s not…he’s just a priest…but he’s still collected a full flock of thirty-eight chickens, as well as a cow, enough braided altar cakes to feed an army, and six silk shawls to wear when he conducts state-religion ceremonies).

Nice enough to let them run off to New Zealand after that, to go ghost off-roading with Teddy (much more dangerous without the consequences) swim around in tide pools, and adventure in primordial forests with their darling children.

Nice enough, overall, to even enjoy the fact that they’re enjoying themselves…sigh…I suppose they deserve it.

But I’ll be glad to see them come home.

New posts from E in August.







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