Deja Vu and Baby Queens

You may have noticed a few internet memes, as of late, in which people seem to be comparing presidents, politicians, and social circumstances from the 19th century to those of today.  The memes point out the worst that happened in prior years as if to suggest that the world lived through it all once and can live through it again.  Or they argue that there is nothing new under the sun, and we should all just accept Trump’s administration as a conglomeration of things come before.

And I’ve really just about had it.

Making comparisons to the 19th century as a way of assuaging fear is a truly ridiculous coping mechanism.  Truly.  Because the 19th century was, by and large, rather terrible.

Bloody terrible.

Besides, we are supposed to be moving forward, folks, not pointing to the past for a sense of misplaced consolation.

Anyway, I started a whole rant about it, and then I deleted it because it really does no good to throw further vitriol out there, and also my host’s blood pressure, and then I went on a hunt for something to cheer me.  And I found this…


Good god, would you look at Millie Bobby Brown.  She is a fierce baby queen.  Her sneer could carve a man like a turkey.

If she decided to form a government of one and rule by sheer force of feminist potential the entire world would put on tuxedo pants and glitter shirts and march to the beat of her weird, lovely drum.

She is already so sick of everyone’s shit.

I know, because I’ve seen the same look on my daughter’s face.  That is the look of boredom with the status quo.  It is unapologetic ownership of personal successes and steel determination.  And it is not to be trifled with.

Young women are not to be trifled with.

Here’s to baby queens who refuse to put up with bullshit that belongs in the 19th century.

March on.


A Slight Refocussing

After some consideration, I’ve determined the central problem with my little blog here–missed posts, scrambles for topics–is not actually a problem.  It’s merely a symptom of my slightly-off-target original intention.

The original intention: to share with you the ins and outs of Ghost World and provide glimpses into my former life as a Victorian.

The new intention: to do more of the same…but not by picking discussions at random.  Instead, I shall be pulling more obviously from my day to day, with journal-like entries orbiting my family and friends, and with a heightened chronological or narrative feel.

The reason?

I was essentially doing this anyway…and then stopping myself at the pivotal moment.  Instead of owning up to my familial inspirations, letting you know what conversations and events stoked my topic choices, I edited heavily in the attempt to take the view-from-nowhere, to write brief essays on ghost world and Victoriana without locating them.

[This view-from-nowhere essay hodgepodge is undoubtedly consequent my training at Fraser’s Magazine in the 1840s.  I did a bit of digging and uncovered a set of issues I actually worked on (a  bit of a shock to see them again).  You can view them here, if you want to see what I mean about disjointed bits and bobs.]

But now, I shall be providing the map through my meanderings.  I’ll simply talk about what is important to me–my family, my friends, my work–and consequent such things being a part of Ghost World, you will learn about Ghost World.

Simple really.

And of course, I will continue to divest information in tangents on energy, ghost pets, ghost telly, Victoriana, the like, but I’ll do so when those topics are necessary to the conversation, not the whole of the conversation.

I hope this approach feels more holisitic and honest to you, as a reader.  I’m quite excited about it, because I am, in my heart of hearts, and unabashed family man with a mobile full of pictures of his children and husband and mates.

So, up next?  In two weeks? Probably something about preparations for fashion week and JS office dynamics.  But who knows; something more biting may come up.  And if so, I shall share it with you–guilt-free–instead of keeping to a predetermined schedule of posts.

Ahhhh….feels nice.

Hope you enjoy.